I have lost my faith in first impressions.

I've lost my faith in you.

here's my h e a r t to melt if you'd like
4 November 1987
add me and i'll add you back

show me how to walk not noticing infatuation
with you and your hair and your body swaying,
moving so away from me...
I'm loving you, every little you,
leaving me behind and alone,
drinking myself dead alone...
waiting solo by the phone,
by the door waiting to be by your side
to take the first step you're terrified to take to begin with...
with every step away from me that you walk
the craving of your lips and mine
multiplies one thousand times
the urge I have to sweep you from your feet...
so don't measure my feelings in anger
because these words come straight from my heart,
taunting and tearing and I'm f a l l i n g apart
with every breath I take...
I will always love you

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